Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!

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Silence falls like a familiar friend

And here I am alone again

Listening to the sounds I can’t quite hear

Musical notes that are still unclear.

Instinct tells me words will come

Time will reveal what is yet unknown

Truth rushes at me like a cold, hard stone

Breaking my heart and delivering pain

Tears all hidden, expression the same

Quiet reigns and the world rushes on

The silence grows louder

I strain to hear

Waiting for the moment when it all becomes clear.



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It has been a year of loss and pain and sadness
It has been a time that left me broken and beaten and alone
I have slept and cried and tried to escape
I am changed
And it is time for change
I do not know what that means yet
Just that I cannot continue as I have before
Everything is different
My days feel more numbered
And I do not wish to pretend
To accept that which I do not want
To not live making a difference
It is time for change
God calls me to be still
To listen
To wait
It is time for change….



Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Feeling the spirit oh so near

The desire of my heart that I might hear

Hear the whisper,

What He has for me

As I wait in the silence to hear Him speak

Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Knowing He has brought me here

In His presence no need for fear

Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Safe in His promises

Secure in His love

Content to sit and wait and stay

Till I hear His voice and He shows me His way