Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!

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Grief you are a monster

Drowning in this river
Tear drops flowing down
Voices screaming in my head
Silence all around
Waves of anger
Oceans of despair
Ragged edges of puzzle pieces that don’t fit anywhere
Walking in a stupor
Going round and round
On the edge of crazy
Slowly sinking down


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Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?
Do you see?
Will you sit in the dirt with me?
Even if you don’t understand,
Can you offer your presence?
Will you be my friend?
Can you save your lectures,
Your miracle fix?

Can you let me weep
And acknowledge my pain?
Can you come back tomorrow if I feel the same?
Can you hear me?
Do you see?
Will you sit in the dirt with me?

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My heart is broken

My grief is deep

I am drowning in the tears I weep

Darkness penetrates where light should be

I lost something precious to me

Questions linger

Sadness reigns

I do not know how to deal with the pain

Never planned to be here again

Promises broken

Trust destroyed


“Forever is from now till someone changes their mind”



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When the second verse is the same as the first

When the pain is always the same

When you never quite get over the mountain

Cause near the top, it always starts to rain

When you can’t quite see through the tears in your eyes

When the road comes to an end

When you find you fought but did not win

When you have given your all

And it’s not enough

When everything seems unclear

When it feels like you lost,  all that you held dear

When you know you’re to blame

And it can’t be fixed

When there is no place else to go

When you’ve run into the same brick wall

And still haven’t learned it hurts

When there is no way forward

And no way back

You welcome the darkness again….


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Sometimes life seems fragile

And emotions flow like a stream

Sometimes your heart feels broken

And you regret the words you have spoken

Sometimes the tears don’t come

But the burden feels so great

Sometimes the hurt won’t heal

And you find it hard to wait

Sometimes mistakes break the chain

Causing so much pain

Sometimes the sadness lingers

Till you know you are loved again!


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When it all goes wrong..

Empty, nothing in my hand
Broken, my heart on the ground in pieces
Still, nothing is right and the world has stopped
Tears, pain that cannot be contained, flowing from my eyes and down my cheeks
Empty, broken, still
Here I stand, all alone and filled with pain
Longing for answers, looking for hope
Fighting the fears,
Paralyzed,  I stop to sit
In the only place that can bring relief
Palms, turned up, asking to be filled
Eyes,  lifted
It is my savior I  seek
I stop
I wait
I listen
Waiting for Him to speak
to fill
to heal
And in the silence He comes to me
He wraps me in his love and reminds me of his care
Bringing peace and healing.
Speaking words of comfort
Reminders of His grace
Filling my heart with hope again
and strength to run the race.