Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!

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Silence falls like a familiar friend

And here I am alone again

Listening to the sounds I can’t quite hear

Musical notes that are still unclear.

Instinct tells me words will come

Time will reveal what is yet unknown

Truth rushes at me like a cold, hard stone

Breaking my heart and delivering pain

Tears all hidden, expression the same

Quiet reigns and the world rushes on

The silence grows louder

I strain to hear

Waiting for the moment when it all becomes clear.





Flowing deep within, awakening my soul, stirring my thoughts
Leaving me reaching for a means of expression.
First just a trickle, but growing…
Till it mounts into a wave of uncontrollable current,
Reaching unfathomable depths.
Surging within, seeking to escape
Pounding at my heart.
So strongly am I moved to find the eloquent phrases to convey these thoughts,
This wild surge of feelings that encompass me.
But I am left helpless, incapable of expressing with mere words
The emotion behind this love I feel.