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I ate ice cream for lunch

And pie for dinner

Hoping that would make it all better

Fought with a friend

Felt my anchor slip

Chains are all broken

And I am adrift.



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NOT a good Friday

Posted last year but wanted to share again today! He is always the reason for hope!


I stand Today is the day that Christians celebrate “Good Friday”.  All over the world our eyes are turned upward and our hearts tuned into a period of time that changed the world forever.  But on that day so long ago, this was not a “good” Friday.  What had begun as a triumphal entry and a shared meal with those closest to him, had turned into arrest, betrayal, torture and death.  Those that loved him would not have seen anything good about this day.  The sky turned dark, hearts were broken, hopes were shattered and dreams died as the one who had come to bring light and goodness and healing died on a cross.  No, it was not a good Friday.  They did not have the gift of time, distance and history to show them what we know and so for them it was a time of darkness, despair, confusion, grief and discouragement. …

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