Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!

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The word falls to the floor

and lands it the puddle

of the silent tears I cry


Not the absence of the presence of others

Not lonely seeking companionship

Just Alone

Void of the ties that binds you to others

Void of the presence of people who are “there”


Not because there are not people out there

Not because there are those who do not care


In a way you cannot understand

If you have never been alone…



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Silence surrounds me and I seek His face.

Falling before Him

So in need of His grace.

Echoes of guilt and sorrow and shame

Whisper over and over again my name.

Sorry weighs heavy

And grief runs deep.

I must hear Him before I sleep.

I must hear the voice

Of the one who will not fail.

I must seek refuge in

Sharing each detail.

Seeking forgiveness I must confess

The depth of my wrong and my unrighteousness.

Then, the silence will become a balm.

And I will fall asleep in His reassuring arms.

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When the second verse is the same as the first

When the pain is always the same

When you never quite get over the mountain

Cause near the top, it always starts to rain

When you can’t quite see through the tears in your eyes

When the road comes to an end

When you find you fought but did not win

When you have given your all

And it’s not enough

When everything seems unclear

When it feels like you lost,  all that you held dear

When you know you’re to blame

And it can’t be fixed

When there is no place else to go

When you’ve run into the same brick wall

And still haven’t learned it hurts

When there is no way forward

And no way back

You welcome the darkness again….