Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!



Flowing deep within, awakening my soul, stirring my thoughts
Leaving me reaching for a means of expression.
First just a trickle, but growing…
Till it mounts into a wave of uncontrollable current,
Reaching unfathomable depths.
Surging within, seeking to escape
Pounding at my heart.
So strongly am I moved to find the eloquent phrases to convey these thoughts,
This wild surge of feelings that encompass me.
But I am left helpless, incapable of expressing with mere words
The emotion behind this love I feel.


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In the still quiet darkness it creeps in,
And I, unaware, am overwhelmed with its force.
As the waves that crash upon the silent shore,
So too, am I engulfed.
Like sand against bare flesh
My soul tingles with sharp, precise pain.
I am left helpless in the power of its surge,
Unable to find stable ground.
Effortlessly it dumps me upon the shore
And I am left to heal my wounds on the sands of time,
Till this Loneliness overpowers me again.

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In Thought..

I spent the afternoon with you.

I bet you never knew.

You didn’t see me standing there.

You never heard me say “I care”.

I watched with a smile as you passed the time away;

Never aware that I was with you today.

You didn’t notice when I left;

As you didn’t when I came.

But I come often every day;

Though I am sure you are not aware.

And more often than you will ever know

My thoughts and love are there.

Yes, I spent the afternoon with you

As so often I will do…

And I bet you never knew.