Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!


Wisdom…or the lack thereof


Your hair was gray and you spoke of your wisdom

But your words were condescending

Your message inflicted pain

The sting of your words went deep

And you uncovered wounds that had yet to heal

You were not the first and you will probably not be the last


I fought within myself to hang on to the joy

That had been mine before you came

To not let you rob me of all I had gained

But words are like weapons and your arrows dug deep

Leaving me sad and wanting to weep


Your words took the sun right out of the day

Turned joy to sorrow

And made me pull away

Inside my heart the battle began

To fight off the voices that always condemn


I fought not to hear the deceiver’s voice

But to cling to the truth of what I had learned

But seeing an opening Satan came full force

Replacing truth with lies

Making my heart doubt what my head already knew


Words are like weapons when not seasoned with love

Age and gray hair does not wisdom give

Words inflict pain and can cause such doubt

But my God is faithful and he will provide

Comfort for the wounds and truth for the lies.


So I walk in hope

And I patiently wait

The healing will come

And joy will return

Because my God is faithful  and has promised me

Life to the fullest and joy without end