Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!



Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Feeling the spirit oh so near

The desire of my heart that I might hear

Hear the whisper,

What He has for me

As I wait in the silence to hear Him speak

Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Knowing He has brought me here

In His presence no need for fear

Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Safe in His promises

Secure in His love

Content to sit and wait and stay

Till I hear His voice and He shows me His way






3 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. This was beautiful, Donnicia. I do not do ANY of those well, at all. Your poem is an encouraging reminder that no matter what step I’m on in my journey with God, there are plenty of His wonders for me to behold and that He has placed me exactly where He wants me to be. SisterDoll, thank you for sharing your heart and your gift.

  2. Beautiful… There’s nothing quite like being still with the very breath of life.

  3. Donnicia, This was so very nice and peaceful! Very beautiful!

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