Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!

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Hole in my Soul

There is a hole in my soul

Where my heart use to be

As large as a cavern,

Bigger than me

I look inside but I cannot see

Whoever it was I use to be

The voices in my head scream at me

And my tears fill the hole where my heart use to be


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When it all goes wrong..

Empty, nothing in my hand
Broken, my heart on the ground in pieces
Still, nothing is right and the world has stopped
Tears, pain that cannot be contained, flowing from my eyes and down my cheeks
Empty, broken, still
Here I stand, all alone and filled with pain
Longing for answers, looking for hope
Fighting the fears,
Paralyzed,  I stop to sit
In the only place that can bring relief
Palms, turned up, asking to be filled
Eyes,  lifted
It is my savior I  seek
I stop
I wait
I listen
Waiting for Him to speak
to fill
to heal
And in the silence He comes to me
He wraps me in his love and reminds me of his care
Bringing peace and healing.
Speaking words of comfort
Reminders of His grace
Filling my heart with hope again
and strength to run the race.



Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Feeling the spirit oh so near

The desire of my heart that I might hear

Hear the whisper,

What He has for me

As I wait in the silence to hear Him speak

Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Knowing He has brought me here

In His presence no need for fear

Sitting, waiting, listening, being

Safe in His promises

Secure in His love

Content to sit and wait and stay

Till I hear His voice and He shows me His way