Poetry and other random thoughts from a wandering mind and a searching heart!

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Your Palette of many colors

I came to you with my darkness and my pain and my need

I wanted to be heard, to feel your compassion and your understanding

You came with your box of brilliant colors and tried to paint my world in blues and yellows and pinks. You negated my pain and told me how blue and yellow and pink were so much better than black and grey. You left and I wept for my own pain and for your inability to weep with me.


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Whatcha gonna do

The load is too heavy

My strength is all gone

I am so far past weary

I don’t want to go on

My cheeks are wet with

the tears I cry.

I find little reason to

Continue to try.


Tomorrow will come

Whether I bid it or not

And I will rise to meet

the day and pray the God

will show me the way!